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Educating Greater Manchester S01E02

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Season 1, Episode 2
This time, teenage angst is laid bare as Educating focusses on Harrop Fold School’s student development team. Their job is to handle every imaginable problem a teenager can throw at them, and they do it with unending patience. From puberty to teenage pregnancy, mysterious rashes to appalling attendance, this week we’ll meet the team who deal with all of this and teenagers who create it. One of the team’s more challenging students is Year 8 Katelyn. Aged 12 going on 20 and full of hormones, Katelyn struggles to contain her emotions and risks her future at Harrop Fold by constantly flying off the handle. We’ll also meet 15-year-old Mia, who is seven months pregnant and just a few months away from her GCSE exams. Determined for Mia to take a different path to the one she did, Mum Nicola wants Mia to prove everyone wrong and get the grades to attend college after the baby is born.

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